Tomorrow, here whereI live, will be Carnival time. Which means colourful kids and loads of confettis.

Could I find a better time to start something new? To bring what I want to be, who I want to be, Euforilla, to life: rabbit mask, big boots and tons of hippie bijoux.


Profession: Muse. It may be a little show off as a title, but that’s what I want to do, first of all to muse myself first: around a year ago I found out about the existence of self-help blogs and websites, the hippie in me had a sigh of joy and excitement.
So I dig all the informations I could get my hands on, subscribed to tons of newsletters, gathered a lot of “stuff”. It was all in english.

Now it’s time to put my idea in practice: to see if all they say it’s true, if it works for me too, and maybe share it with non-english speakers. So that I can also practice a bit with translations and such, because, you know, I won’t mind, when I “grow up” to work into translations!

What will you find here?
– two posts a week, one called “Musa’s Box”, and another one with various and helpful contents;
– they will be all translated, to help me make practice and to reach a wider audience.

Why open up the Nth blog?
– because I need this project, and maybe others need it too!

Ok, that’s it, let’s get started!

5 thoughts on “Carnival

  1. Anonymous

    Ciao Musa,
    il tuo blog semplicemente mi riempie di gioia, il mio cuore sussulta. Non c'è cosa più bella per essere se stessi (quindi felici) facendo ciò che si vuole e tu lo fai.
    Perchè ragazzi "L'ERBA VOGLIO ESISTE"!

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