Musa’s Box

° comfy shoes, expecially converse all stars
° travelling by train, is not that bad! (most of all if compared to an hour in Milan’s traffic jam)
° free mornings, a good compensations with coming back home in awkward hours
° thunderstorms!
° zinc oxide
° a lady night out
° the mp3, attached in the car, playing my friend’s demo… and realizing how much I miss their live gigs!
° finally uploading the pictures I took of the sky from some weeks ago (even though my camera says they were taken in february XD)
° chat so much to run out of breath
° getting lost looking at the stars
° feeling like I’m not alone… someone does make shoes as I say!!!
° Mr. Faun is back!
° interior design/home decor/diy furniture websites… and taking notes on a notebook
° being linked, through a special mention, on another blog, it’s the first time, thank you so much Siobhan!
° “Always” by Bon Jovi, it has been ages since I’ve last heard this… and I still know the lyrics by heart!!! (it was my favourite from 7 years old, to thirteen when I discovered the existance of Guns n Roses U_U)
° a zen attitude when stuck in the traffic jam… I also managed to eat a snack (nobody was moving!)
° being “good spirited” enough to not get mad or sad at a bad day, instead I said to myself “whatever”
° mounting Ikea furniture, those swedish people are GENIUS
° dinner at Mr.Faun’s, escaping from the grim fate of dining with minestrone
° Ikea’s furniture, the Lego for grown ups (if they will ever use this slogan I will want the copyrights, internet you’re my witness)
° being a bit “bronze face” in the corporate world, it never hurts!
° my new Ace of Spades poster (very Motorhead), my first piece for my future semi-steampunk home (after all I’ve always liked that card, I like the meaning it has, and concearning the “darker” meaning, well, I’ll just read it as the card number XIII in tarot decks :P)

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  1. Euforilla

    Thank you again Siobhan 😉

    And thank you Joanne, after all, a zen attitude is all you've got left, you can get mad but that won't change the traffic jam, so why ruin your mood?

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