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Yay! Another list of nice! What do you think about it? Where’s yours? What have you loved most this past week? Leave me a comment!!!


° while I’m waiting to set up (and restore) our garage to have a place where to go to splatter paint around with no worries, I couldn’t help but try out somehow to paint, after reading Flora Bowley’s book. What to say, being someone who basically never painted and therefore has no “personal painting style” (years ago I went to an oil painting techniques course, where I learned little and simply copyied a Van Gogh), I had so much fun, I’m also pretty happy with the result and I can’t wait to try this out on big canvasses *_* (with good acrylic paints, instead of five old schoolpaints)
° chocolate
° a night walk
° the most intense brainstorming I’ve ever had (yet, I guess)
° Clothilde meowing in scales
° Easter’s stand market, it’s always the same and a copy (in small) of the Christmas’ ones, but I enjoy them nontheless
° Milan with my friends philosophers
° two new books for me (a classic and a creative writing one, yay)
° laughing with Sa
° laughing because of Clò
° my striped skirt
° Sa surprising me with an Easter egg, dark chocolate U_U
° last Figment newsletter’s title “Alan Rickman is your spirit animal” XD
° mythological creatures

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