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Weekly list of things I’m grateful for. Where’s yours? ^^


° my birthday, from breakfast to the surprise party in the evening, never had a surprise party! It’s cool! An I was totally oblivious! Afterwards I connected a lot of dots, but we’re all good at doing it afterwards 😛
° I’ll be shallow and say: beautiful presents ^^
° running our errands quietly
° having a standard for comparison
° interesting online articles
° Clo’s super soft fur
° blue nails
° “irish cream” tea, with dates, grapes and cookies. Work snack XD
° the city cathedral’s dome lit by the sunse
° feeling independent
° all I could eat sushi, and I could eat a lot! With my friend Anna ^^
° realize more and more that we think alike about a lot of things, and when we don’t reaching a compromise is super easy
° perfect blue skyes
° incredibly fast and simple burocracy
° The Hunger Games – Catching Fire (ok, you win, I’ll read the books…), good movie, though it left me with some anxiety… But most of all: great knitwork!!! My compliments to the knit-designer U_U
° hot tea and cookies for snack
° roasted chestnuts eaten while walking to warm up my hands
° a practically perfect grocery shopping, we’re way too good 😛
° mythological creatures

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