Musa’s Box

New list of nice things from this past week! A day late, but come on, we had to celebrate the new online!!!

° send a very well done file, with some anxiety and a lot of help from the righ people
° tortellini with home made stock… that warmed me up to the bones, a plus since I was flue-cold all day long!
° a beer fest: nice beer, artisanal beer and a lot of greasy things to eat
° karma: see the girl, who cut the line at the cashiers in front of me, get really mad when she realized my order was served before hers, ahahahaha
° Clothilde helping me be more minimalists, less attached to objects (like, a lot of candle holders)
° The Parent Trap, never seen it before… so cute, those frames, those colours, those dialogues, mostly those sixties speeches *_*
° Animal crossing Let’s go to the City, on the Wii!!! I’m addicted again to cute animals and butterfly catchers *_*
° rediscover some Microblogging with Twitter (even though I missed the ton of words I use on my beloved blog!)
° home and family party for Sa’s birthday
° my chocolate cake, I’m telling myself I know, but it was soooo good! (Soft, black and chocolate-bitter!)
° doing things to avoid the anxiety of “to do” things
° a walk to window-shopping with BauxiteDreams
° Sa, struggling to make this blog perfect
° watery musics
° discussing latin sentences, while driving home (was it fault of that amazing  red moscato?)
° my new pinboard: Colour Combination, I have to learn to combine colours, if I want to dress in a little more interesting way!
° a walk with my mom, window shopping, getting colour inspirations, a first try at “colour combination” that I think was quite good :)
° being now able to detect a scam as soon as I see it
° eat again a “ricotta kiss” by Pattini (and I might have found a recipe online… first I’ll try, then I’ll share if it works!)
° Euforilla back online, I missed it
° Luna, found thanx to Twitter, she makes gorgeous bijoux!!!
° hiperproductive tea with Lanterna, talking about tribal, folk and genious ideas
° consequently search historical sides of internet to look for old websites (hip hip hurray for Internet Archives and its Wayback Machine!)
° I made my first watermark, so easy, so proud 😀
° I can’t wait for it to be tonight to go dancing with my friends and then eat a crêpe
° willing to do things with Fimo
° lookign for, and finding, free online creative writing courses, writing contests with publication and other prizes… Now I only have to commit to it!
° Unda by Faun, being obsessed with it and drawing in my said dancing friends in a crazy project (mostly because I -as we say- dance with the ease of a marble cat and the grace of a tree-trunk)
° Mythological Creatures

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2 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

    1. Euforilla Post author

      Abbi un attimo di pazienza (che fra l’altro adesso sono pure influenzata e incrociare gli occhi per cucir perline non è il massimo dell’attività consigliata dai medici in questo caso :P). Però sforno idee in continuazione… usciranno col sudore della febbre? Mmm… che bell’immagine poetica!!!

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