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A list, I made it! 😀

autumn fall

° a sunday with my family, with a yummy fish menu, to celebrate my mom’s birthday
° Sa taking me out for dinner :)
° panna cotta with berries sauce
° working seven hours straight, perfect remedy against a bad mood
° run some errands in the morning and be quick about it
° inflating the wheels of my bike… it runs faster!!!
° my grandma giving me her cooking leftovers, so I do not have to cook dinner 😛
° hennaaaaaaa *_*
° my chamomile&oregano herbal tea, it always works
° packing my suitcase with a lot of pretty stuff
° our first flight together
° Salamanca, a wonderful city
° tapas, or better pinchos, in Salamanca’s bar and stalls out all over the town for the national holiday
° tinto de verano, so good!
° my brother’s wedding: a stunning cathedral, everyone dressed up and dandy, the weather that has been nice, la finca the place where they had the reception, all the good things to eat, see them happy, smiling and surrounded by friends and family
° our hotel room, quiet and dark
° continental breakfast and doughnuts with icing
° coming back home to our Clothilde, in our quiet home
° “spring cleaning” even though it’s almost autumn
° vanilla scented candles
° finally decluttering my craft supplies (I’ll write about this) and while tidying up millions of creative ideas sprung in my mind!
° a home-y week with Sa
° chillier air, it makes Clothilde cuddle up on my lap
° earning the appraisal of an old feminist XD
° an earnest Cosmopolitan cocktail
° these wonderful days with blue skies, chilly air and warm sun
° a foot/leg/back that’s in a better shape than what I hoped for :) Running, I’m coming back
° long sleeved pijama and a blanket on the bed
° our two “new” series to watch: Hannibal and American Horror Story (the ideal for good dreams, innit?)
° fancying cooking, bread making and home keeping thanks to the chillier weather, my inner Bree Van de Kamp is happy!
° sleeping in when outside it’s raining
° waiting for autumn (darn you Pinterest! XD)
° mythological creatures

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