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This list comes a day late, like the latest post, I’m not changing up stuff, I’ve just had a weird week, but anyway here’s my gratitude exercise! :)

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° my new orthopedic insoles, my feet might not be that happy now, but it means fixing the pain in my feet and legs, and being able to go back running. And they’re violet U_U
° chinese takeaway, voraciously eaten at 10pm… after saying “but I’m not that hungry”! Oh me!
° take an old house, a little isolated, in the woods, in a rainy day. You’d expect just mud and muddy people inside. Well, you’d be wrong there were a huge fireplace, friends, good food and an acoustic jam session of what it can only be defined as world music. And I was there and I played as well!!! (Finger cymbals… horribly, but I did it U_U)
° my chocolate cake, it always makes the house smell gorgeous
° an epiphany day with good company, and cleaning up our home from christmas ornaments
° studying, with all the condiment of anxiety and all those university feelings I had pleasantly forgotten, but after all I don’t mind learning stuff… (the fact that I spent some of my studying time proof reading the stuff is another matter… but come on! Who writes those things??)
° being able to keep (mostly) calm and using my anxiety in a positive way
° making myself a present: a new book
° Sa being a perfect Mr Carson when I’m stuck on the couch, with a stiff neck that made me long for a trip to the E.R.
° said stiff neck that goes away on its own after a good night sleep
° the end of a friday so long it felt like it was monday, cuddling at home
° going out for lunch on my own and being totally ok with it, better, I had fun!
° new opportunities (and the most precious friend pointing them out for me, she’s on the news more than Hogwarts’ owls!!!)
° mythological creatures

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