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As I promised last time, this week the list is longer, and filled with a link galore (but I don’t remember where I took them from: google, work, you? If it’s you tell me in the comments, I want to say thank you!!!).
And here it goes!
° “Guinness” and Bavarian restaurant french fries
° tagliatelle with mushrooms, near Piacenza
° incense sticks
° purple coat 
° a side of my wardrobe all for my halloween costumes and make up
° vitamins
° storytailors
° cupcake skirt
° Liu Bolin
° “vocidipiante” files of music made by trees
° Elena Rapa‘s illustrations
° Lisa Lynne, marvellous sounds
° Quirkology
° 5 scientific reasons why powerful people will always suck
° schedulable blogposts
° happy and healthy families
° dreaming and then making a cocktail 😉
° axis of awesome with this video
° three breakfasts in a day
° glitters, rhinestones, sequins or whatever you want to call them (yes, sometimes I fall back in this little obsession)
° sunsets with super hued colours
° walking in the street, in a fallish sunny afternoon, with your favourite music in your ears
° good books
° kind and well educated strangers
° kickass quotes
° hot shower when you’re cold
° midnight snack
° tighthighs
° “lingerie” as things and as word
° the ticket to Lucca Comics&Games, it’s awesome!!!
° sweet almond oil
° quiet evenings blanket+tv series
° writing ahead of time for blogposts
° mythological creatures

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