Musa’s box

Forgive me!
But here I am now, with this long waited for and well needed list (gosh, I’m so uptight!). Anyway, enough chitchatting, let’s roll some love.

° Mr. Faun. This time in first place, because there are simply no words
° The valves! THE VALVES!!! No, it’s no steampunk chant, I’m talking about safety valves. I forgot about them, I found them once again, I’ve abused them… but gosh they make you feel better!
° life education
° new assignements at work, yay for creativity
° hello to any coworker stepping in here (if they still check this ^_^)
° a wedding, and having fun meeting new nice people, eating well, laughing too much (no, it’s never too much) and impromptu improbable coreographies
° Fifties/rockabilly drummer’s moccasins, ton sur ton with his drums
° laying quiet to rest
° writing on the rain
° buying small, good smelling gifts, nice break at Lush
° working listening to stereomood (link at the playlist I listen to)
° finding out, even through hard times, what I want
° planning holidays in Calabria *_*
° bunnies lantern
° tonight sushi!
° a week with mr. Faun at home, and very mythological chats
° having a plan
° Machete

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