Hello there!
Last week I skipped my weekly post… so, to be forgiven, today I’ll cover you in links.

You may like to know that part of my hippie-being is due to a couple of magic words: “tutorial” and “how-to”.
It all started back to my stubborn young self, I quote: “If they can, I can”, so I started drawing, making friendship-bracelets, beaded necklaces and silly stuff…
Anyway, back to the links… I still haven’t searched all through every single website, thoug I’m sure they’re filled up with useful stuff, with a useful link page, and I’m also sure there are a lot more websites with tutorials and “how to”s I’m not aware of… YET. :)

Let’s begin!
I think that this needs no introduction… they have almost anything, it’s the place where I learned how to sew. Really! Plus there is a really good community, and I also love their show “Decor It Yourself”. And they always give useful links!
I think this is the biggest DIY community… name it, they tell you how to do it!
another pretty big community, plus they have a webzine and other nice stuff!
ok, don’t laugh! it’s great! This woman is amazing!
shocked uh? who knew about an “etsy” place! and even though they have no tutorials, I really like the supply section (you can find pretty cheap bargains!), what I really love of this place is to look up for ideas (I’m not selling my crafts, so no copyright infringements :P) and inspirations.

these four are like an internet enciclopedia of the DIY world, they cover everything, from how to uncorck a bottle to how to refashion your grandma’s sofa. I’m pretty fond of instructables, maybe because it has been one of the first I came across 😉

Now let me shower you with random blogs and websites with tutorials, instructions, guides, DIY, how to, and other crafty terms! (ok, this one may not have many tutorials, but the inspirations it gives… I so want to live on my own!!!)

Of course, there are always the link section of each and everyone of these websites (it’s like sympathetic magic, or simply: crafty people know eachother!), and of course google and youtube, if you don’t find how to do something on neither of these, then maybe you’ll have to find out on your own… but I’m pretty confident that if you look carefully, you’ll find anything you need!

Now go and waste a full morning of work! But I’m not taking the blame 😛

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