Musa’s Box

Sometimes I think I need to explain what this thursday list is about: a sum up of all beautiful things seen, happened and lived in the past week. Those that cheer you up, those that help you think positive and those who make you say “Wow! Thanks world!”

° have my very own, very personal, theories
° dust old cds and angry girls
° a saturday afternoon with tons of chats and strawberry-ananas smoothie
° a sunday evening with pizza, movie and more chats
° basically a weekend with friends!
° a necklace with an albino golden peacock, which is a earthly version of a phonex which (other than my patronus, as indoubtedly proven by the Facebook app U_U) is nothing but a close relative of dragons. Everything fits. If you want it to fit 😀
° Nietzsche’s chaos
° tidying up my wardrobe… I didn’t know I had so many tshirts o_O
° tidying up my bedroom and packing,packing, packing *_*
° almost-free books: yay for bookstore giftcards!
° “curious coincidences” (like meeting up to talk about “personal growth paths”, taking the chance to buy a book about art but that in the end is about personal paths, and buying it with sales… on a day when the bookshop was ment to be closed o_O)
° again that sensation that history is a cicle, but this time is useful
° water
° instant messaging, it’s really nice being able to keep in touch in real time while being hundred of km away
° blue so blue, strong lights, well defined leafs, borders and colours so definde and saturated: the world in HD!
° tea tree oil
° tomorrow’s holiday
°  feeling “lighter” after dealing with some topics
° that nice feeling when you’re doing something real to change the situation
° feather earrings
° a bag from Lush on my desk while I’m working, smells soooooo good!
° nice weather
° blog visits from Denmark! Hello there!!! :)
° mythological creatures that tomorrow will be rejoined *_*

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