Musa’s Box – the most epic list of the world

Sheesh how long has it been since I last posted a list of nice? More than a month. No, it wasn’t a rhetorical question. There’s plenty of things, so are you ready for the longest list ever? I am! (No, this neither was a rhetorical question).

drunk octopus

Maybe I laughed a little too much on this, but I liked it! Found on Apolonis APHRODISIA

° getting married. I know, I know, a shocker, uh? But I liked the day, I liked all the things around it and most of all I’m happy of being married… Even though I’m still not used to the new title of “wife” nor used to saying “husband” (but I got used to the ring, yes, we choose a very nice and comfy one, luckily!)
° my in-laws (oh gosh, I’ve got in-laws!) coming to visit us at the Nook and to meet our Stinkerbell 😛
° the honey moon, all of it, even the blisters, the backache, lousy dinners, aaaaaaaaaaaaal, all all of it!
° though some things deserve a special mention: okonomiyaki being one. Kiss Me Licia’s dad got it all figured out in life! And an honourable mention goes to the Hida Beef as well (Hida Gyu or Gyu no Hida, see that? I’ve also learned the specification complement in japanese!)
° kicking asses with chopsticks, did you know you could also chop food with them?
° all the congratulations, and greetings and little presents we received in Japan just because we were on honeymoon, such cute people *_*
° finally being home, feeling nostalgic of course, but appreciating nonetheless our bed, our bathroom and most of all our kittycat, who was craving cuddles like mad
° sleeping 12 hours in a row, at some point (one week later) the jet lag got the best of me, I HAD to sleep
° going out all grumpy, realizing the weather was great, looking up, seeing a blu sky, green trees, light flickering through the leaves, hearing birds chirping. I smiled like a fool in the middle of the road
° go for a weekend in Calabria, see Scilla, spend a night in a wonderful seaside restaurant, watching Sicily all lit up by a million of glittering lights
° the compliments we received for our wedding, I like to know we didn’t bore people to death!
° my striped nail, yay for low cost manicure (with masking tape!)
° see my friends after a long time, chat plenty
° the Pan di Stelle cake my sister-in-law made, yummyyyy
° my niece waving hello with her plumpy hand, and most of all my nice when she offers you the tiniest, cutest, fistbump, yeah
° helping Sa out with decluttering his wardrobe, like… big time! Plus I earned myself a supercool Cthulhu tshirt U_U
° going to the movies two times in a row, just me and him (X-Men: days of a future past, I liked this one a lot! And Maleficent)
° writing posts ahead of time :)
° get back in the working dance
° my phone with bunny ears and kawaii charms dangling from it, a souvenir from Japan (and a memory from highschool XD)
° decluttering my wardrobe, now I have a perfect excuse to organize a swap party with my friends
° taking some minor satisfactions
° writing, storytelling
° my husband’s list (yelp! my husband, still not used to it XD)
° mythological creatures now finally and officially mythologically together U_U

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