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Here’s what I’m grateful for this past week :)


° my legs doing fine again, so we could go back running; being in a better shape than I thought and, even though I had to stop for a while, I started running again to finish my run. It really is more about your mental training!!!
° talking about books and creative writing while eating croissants
° going for sales, buying nothing at all, but that’s the fun! But I’ve tried on a pair of skyscraper shoes, just because they where B/W striped. Drinking a pineapple, peach and strawberry smoothie, yummy!
° the tons of book advice I got when I asked, thanx so so so much, I hope I can find ebooks so my suitcase won’t be heavy
° doing sheet laundry in the morning, hanging it during the day in the sun, making the bed in the evening, sleeping on them at night, smelling the air and sun ^^
° snipping Clothilde’s nails, now when she’s kneading it’s nice for everyone
° going for a walk downtown, eating out, finish it off with a strawberry doughnut
° Clo that’s finally using the cat door properly!
° having written a lot of blogposts, this is a real luck since my PC has issues with the screen (everything’s working, but the screen turns black…) and it would make writing on it quite hard. So let’s all say thank you to Sa who’s lending me his desktop PC (and immediately found an ecofriendly solution… in this case eco stans for enonomically! I hope it will be mailed in soon) 😀
° morning’s fresh air *_*
° Ikea’s icecream, it’s good 😀
° finishing my mom’s painting. It didn’t turn out 100% as I would have liked, but it was the first one I made with that “technique”, I’ll improve with time!
° anti-mosquito spray by Antos, it’s like liquid magic!!!
° green apple shampoo by Lavera, soooo good!
° going to Ikea and Maisons du Monde with friends
° Ikea’s non alcoholic apple cider
° my shabby chic apron, oh come on, it was on sale U_U and I bet I’ll bake stunning muffins this autumn!!! >And, consequently, crazy and silly daydreams about us victorian-era-style: names like Josephine and Rosemary, afternoon tea in candid and worn rooms, flowery quilts, coloured parakeets in light cages, lazy cats and polka dotted teacups. And pieces from clocks and industrial gears, because. I want to make up ShabbySteam, ok? XD
° visiting my favourite shop: dye shop with the fine art section *_*
° a great grandpa giving me a mint bouquet
° our Nook that smells like orange blossom, lavender and incense
° mythological creatures

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