Musa’s Box

Weekly list! Only one day late! What a catch!


° pizza and olives “all’ascolana”
° super duper lazy weekend
° sushi for lunch, yeah!
° music
° writing
° naps
° cleaning task force: two people, half an hour, a clean house that smells like desinfectant (yes, I have some Bree Van De Kamp in my traits)
° dinner in the garden (with a masterpiece of carbonara!)
° my bike, with good wheels again, soooo useful (and also the new air pump, works so well and so fast!)
° the weather turning cooler with loads of wind
° little projects between Sa and me, we make such a good team (and I’m so modest about it)
° lunch break, all girls, supermarket (talking about social life, uh? After all, not everyone can have the talent of having fun with little! U_U)
° buying books on amazon and getting them earlier than expected!
° reading again
° feeling like picking up watercolour painting
° mythological creatures

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