Musa’s Box

This week started well, dwindled a little towards the end, but then ended with a roar. How was yours?


° bavarian dinner with friends, a good red beer, then a good herbal tea at home all together for a movie (quite the slow one though)
° presents for Sa that I can enjoy too 😛
° my new contacts, I CAN SEE!!!
° feeling very professional (in a Anne Hathaway with Meryl Streep kind of way: not only I do everything quickly and well, but I also anticipate things she still hasn’t thought of asking U_U)
° Peach Pit and Jumbo overdose
° these gorgeous autumn days, thinking of picking up my camera and going picture hunting at the park
° my trusted green bike, it takes me anywhere, the much european moments with a lot of people walking around, the wobbly pavement, bikes ringing randomly, smell of roasted chestnuts and an accordion player or four violinist playing in the middle of stalls and stands
° tossing a book after 50 pages because it’s really not worth it, I do not have time to waste with unpleasant readings
° drawing inspiration from every single thing
° good news ^^
° our spiritual-artistic projects with friends
° interesting and useful dance tutorial, on youtube :)
° Sa who’s always there for me and always on my side
° being able to say “My editor” even though it is just for a small thing
° a very nice opportunity… which probably will be tangible in a couple of years, but it doesn’t matter, I’m not in a rush!
° gossiping a little
° hot rose tea to cuddle myself with, sipped from my blue dragon cup
° painting on myself
° AHS: Coven and its visual style (when it’s not plainly splatter…)
° dreaming about kicking a zombie in the ballsack (I’m sorry, but it had to be told this way U_U)… these last two points are not correlated though!
° Clothilde purring so loud (and so low in tone o_O)
° plans for this weekend
° the sound of the rain at night
° an early birthday present… that I’ll get afterwards 😉
° mythological incredibly mythological creatures

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