Musa’s Box

Musa’s box for today, thursday 3 may 2012, if you have no idea what this is: click here.

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° thursday and friday night, with candles and drums
° completely losing track of days, because Mr Faun is at home and it feels like vacation all the time
° cook good things… and eat them!!!
° my beer Bodhran
° Officinalia, at the Castle of Belgioioso, free tickets, visit the castle, wich is always a good sight, even if it rains, eat an organic piadina so good! A girl asking me how I did my braid, all the stands, all the tastings, buy some organic chocolate (yummy for my tummy!), an anti-mosquitoes spray (and the sample of face moisturizer they gave me… which smells of clean *_*), some kickass sauces, this book, going home almost completely soaked, change into a pijama and cuddling on the couch with an herbal tea and Game of Thrones
° and this book
° sew a skirt in an hour and a half… and in half an hour a patchwork cushion cover!
° a post wrote on tuesday and made ready for saturday :)
° Desperados (the beer)
° “mayo without eggs, with garlig” (therefore… alioli)
° home made brunch
° going downtown by bike, because it was finally warm! And being able to lunch outside
° new pliers
° spend an afternoon with my little cousin
° play the ghost with socks
° Mr Faun and mythological creatures

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  1. Lanterna

    Il libro delle Terre di Mezzo l’ho preso in biblioteca, è davvero interessante.
    Ah, non mi sono dimenticata: ti devo restituire le tue creature fatate della Padania, grazie!!!!!

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