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Friday’s list!

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° saturday afternoon spent going around Milan, with my husband and friends
° going to “china town”, I know, I know, so not cool? Maybe, but I had never been there… and now I have a need for a blue and green ombre layered wig
° visiting the very vintage and cool cellar of a butcher’s, thank yo mr Sirtori!
° having enough datas to make my personal top chart for asian grocery stores (I found yam! Maybe I’ll get it for my next okonomiyaki. And I found kabayaki unagi -the grilled and glazed heel, frozen- but it was pretty expensive… I think that first I’ll have it at the restaurant :P)
° spicy zighinì (typical dish from Eritrea), I have to make it at home now!!!
° coming back home completely torn, but rewarding ourselves with a hot bubble bath
° orecchiette pasta with broccoli (and garlic, anchovies and parmesan :P)
° ahi tuna for one dinner, and chahan for the next dinner (aka seared sesame tuna, and fried rice, japanese food: we love you!)
° The Pink Panther (It is… lovely weather we are having. I hope the weather continues.)
° the first strawberries, big, red, smelling so good, so juicy and sooooo good!!!
° getting ready for a DIY weekend *_*
° the boulevard beside the castle, with all the trees in bloom and the smell of flowers
° mythological creatures

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