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Friday’s list!
Hey, is it friday already?!
Oh well, let’s see…

Una foto pubblicata da Cristina (@euforilla) in data:

° tonight’s sushi with my ladies, I’m soooo hungry!!!
° having the car all to myself, I feel so free U_U
° an alternative lunch break (aka grocery shopping with a friend)
° chocolate Kinder egg, with Despicable Me Minions!
° perfect planning of time and to-do-list
° two free hours, suddenly
° playing with eyeshadows, again
° our new rice cooker, it makes THE perfect rice!
° hand moisturizer
° Twin Peaks first season
° my post with some ideas for Carnival
° finding buttons I thought I lost (dreaming about where they were, and actually finding them there, yay!)
° texting with my dear Spleen
° having already planned a couple of silly things for Valentine’s day, another perfect excuse to spoil us a bit 😛
° a small pot to make candles again (I have way too much wax to recicle U_U)
° email exchange with my brother
° Stinkerbell
° mythological creatures

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