Musa’s Box

° a mythological weekend
° tons of solutions for cheap at Leroy Merlin
° lighter days at work
° a whole mythological week
° dinner at different homes
° collecting furniture for free :)
° home works going on (even though they’re never fast enough for me)
° Ikeaaaaa *_*
° a walk by myself, in the sun, at lunch break, eating yummy stuff and looking at how pretty leaves are
° music
° send a ton of emails
° going to bed very late to finish something creative and being very satisfied with the outcome
° Mr Faun and his endless patience with this very Muse who’s shifting into Anxiety Girl
° finally removing nail polish
° free newspaper
° programs for the next weekends
° planning a recognition tour at “Carboni” (local paint store)
° answering really badly and not regretting it a bit (I know, it sound not-so-nice, but since I’m someone who keeps quiet even when I should shout, being able to speak my mind when it’s due is a plus!)
° “Ti sento” and singing it out loud in the car
° actually singing a lot out loud in the car
° that gazilionn of projects I always think about (I’m just saying that they involve hair, microphones and mixers, cameras, DIY, cheese wax, Etsy and this blog… separately or in combination :P)
° checkered diagonal tiles *_*
° Fernovus, a kind of enamel for iron and steel & co, brilliant!
° packages delivered at home, basically a gift from work (I have my way to have my “bonus” :))
° this My Little Pony maker, epic win!!!
° the “whatevs-method” -even though in italian it’s a little bit more rude- (at work someone got the wrong idea? Whatevs. At home I receive plenty of unrequested opinions? Whatevs. Someone might get annoyed by that? Whatevs. Works for my home are at stall? Whatevs -ok, this one was hard- anyway Whatevs ad libitum
° sincronicities and serendipities
° fog
° mythological creatures

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