Musa’s Box

° a really quiet friday night
° spend the weekend cleaning and polishing The Nook: it already looks younger and newer! And the smell of wall paint (we used a brand that was one of the first who took care of using non toxic materials… “titanium white” it sounds creepy but apparently we also eat it somehow! :P) the smell of clean, window glasses super transparent and shiny, but also a little curvy in a perfect bohemien style… and steam cleaner thingie! The wonders it can do!!! 😀
° eating when you’re really hungry (sandwich? Check. Pasta with broccoli? Check. Pizza? Check.)
° Lebanese dinner
° google the recipe for Baba ghannouj (cream of aubergines… seems easy!!!)
° naps under the blankets, all curled up, after a bit of chatting
° curious coincidences, sincronicities and serendipities (sometimes also being cause of it :) ), thank you Universe? :)
° having a fireplace at The Nook, which works!!!
° feeling the physical but most of all mental need to do yoga
° after all… dreaming of snakes
° thinking about making a huge steampunk clock for the kitchen
° doing something, even small, to change a situation
° the will to change, also physically
° tons of emails and prokects and action plans and all the evening busy with something 😀
° finish a physical and material work, have an immediate satisfaction from it (and being incredibly tired from it… I’m such a looser!) but most of all admire the result, then close my eyes and imagine everything done and super cool
° The Nook (the ebook reader this time XD) that Mr Faun gave my for my birthday, he took it when he was in the USA ^_^
° cake and presents for my birthday (plus the tiniest suggestion to make more sweets… XD My colleagues gave me a muffin set, I really didn’t expect a present nor I did see it coming, I was so pleased and all shy XD )
° the upcoming weekend: dance, wall paint, clean up! Yay!
° the evening in front of the fireplace, to test it and “clean” it ( <— this was a major fail XD)
° doing some thinking about myself… and finding out pretty finds :) (I must be a little bit more gentle with myself)
° breakfast at work, with vanilla cream filled croissant and hot chocolate… nommmm…
° birthday celebration with friends I still haven’t seen ^_^
° the other Musa’s boxes Giada, Francesca, Manu, La mora, Siobhan, Stella
° waking up and just being in a good mood
° sunny winter days
° Mythological creatures

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