Last minute carnival costumes

Carnival, here in Italy, is just around the corner (this tuesday), so this weekend there are parties and parades all around.
I don’t know if you’re going to do anything about it, but to me any excuse to dress up, bake and eat sweets and fritters, is a good excuse!!!

I remember that, around Christmas, I thought I could dress up as deer, doe, raindeer. That’s also quite easy: everyday clothing, makeup and hair.

– a bronzer that’s way too dark for you
– black lipstick
– black pencil (eyeliner, pen, whatever)
– white pencil
– copious amounts of mascara (or falsies if you have them/use them/want)

Set your base as usual.
With the bronzer darken your hairline from your forhead to your ears, and on your cheebones, a bit.
Then contour your nose.
Always on the nose, take the black pencil and draw an animal nose (we call that “truffle” :P), and yes, you’ll have to paint inside your nostrils too, otherwise the pink will show.
If you prefer, start by doing a black rim all around your eyes, then cat-eye it from the outer corner to the eyebrow, and then point it from the inner corner down towards your nose, following the ideal line of the tearduct.
With the white pencil draw dots in different shapes (it might be a good idea to remove some of the bronzer with a wet cotton tip).
Finally, draw with the black pencil a line from your nose to your upper lip and colour this entirely with the black lipstick.
If your lips are very pigmented, naturally, you might want to “blank” it with concealer.

Una foto pubblicata da Cristina (@euforilla) in data:

Now, onto the fun part: hairdo!

Take any kind of cheap, rigid, plastic headband glue on some fake ears, if you don’t have them, just make them with two triangles cut out from brown felt, unravel it a bit (to make it more “furry” looking) and glue the base in a C shape to make the ears a little bit more realistic.
Make two little horns with polymer clay, synthetic clay, heck even with aluminum foil crunched than painted with nail polish, the sky is the limit!
Then fill up all the gaps by glueing on any type of fake flower you can get your hands on (From old party favours to whatever).
Wear your headband, mask it a bit with unruly hair…

Ta dan!

Congratulations, you’re a hipster!!!

Or, as I was saying last year, make yourselves a cape: simply by picking colour and fabric you have 90% of a costume, and it’s quick and easy :)
Add in a hand painted mask (mine is just acrylics on a blank base, sold in craft shops) and you’re done!
Or maybe an elfic crown?
What about a pointy hood, if crowns aren’t your thing?
Or a peasant’s shirt maybe?
Why don’t you go for something steampunk, instead?

Go ahead and have plenty of fritters, you’re in disguise, no one will ever know!

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