Do you know those people who, in the dark of a cinema, spend their time repeating exactly what they see? I call them The Obvious Pointers.
Well, today I’m going to be like them, I’m going to point to the obvious… because if you still didn’t guess it yourselves, after a couple of months of hints about furniture, boxes, catalogues, home design softwares to decor rooms, then you need to be Pointed to the Obvious.

At the old age of 25 I’m finally going to live on my own. Actually, our own.
Well, this post wouldn’t be “Mythologically” if (let me point some more obvious) your two favourite mythological creatures weren’t involved: a Faun and a Muse, of course!

So I thought I could share this process with you. It’s not entirely out of a good hearted nature, it’s also about personal interest because I’m interested into any advice, info, trick or wise word you know!

Let’s just start from the basis, from what everybody say: get some work done.
In theory the house we want will be available in a month or so… I started packing a few boxes, dishes, cutlery, bed sheets and books. We won’t have much more to bring with us, but what matters is to start doing something, right?
So, let’s sum up: 1) Start ahead of time; 2) pack everything swell, against bumps and breakings; 3) it’s better to have a lot of small boxes, instead of a huge one that no one will be able to lift; 4) start packing things you don’t need now; 5) keep all fruit boxes, old newspapers and other stuffing materials, it will all come in handy.

I’ve got one last request, all your positive thoughts on having this mythological home ready for september, think, write, make button necklaces, anything, everything is welcome!

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