Blogging Day #noslot

I’m back here today to blog about something really important.

A friend of mine, V3gan, invited me to join in today and I’m doing it gladly!

Img credit: RangingWire

Img credit: RangingWire

Mostly because I’m a blogger from Pavia, the city that, in Italy, has the highest number in slot machines/person on its territory.

What bothers me most about all this issue is seeing how the “slot-machines-machinery” affects so many different levels, yet it all starts from the same issue.

We live in an economical chrisis, cafes are closing up and dying like flies, and there comes this way to have a little extra income easily, which means being able to pay the bills, and to keep taking care of your family.
We live in an economical chrisis, people can’t think of anything more to get a job and to earn some money (which means paying your bills and taking care of your family), some hope to win some money, like finding it by magic, don’t we all daydream on how we’ll spend our winning lottery ticket?
We live in an economical chrisis, the Government can’t juice any more taxes out of the citizens’ pokets*, so it’s trying to have some extras from gambling activities, after all if you’re gambling you do have those money.

These premises are not entirely wrong… but they collapse on themselves when they have to face real life, the matter of fact, most of all when confronted to addiction.
And here’s where I stop, because easy retoric… is easy, and I do not have the skills required to discuss finance, economy, special social needs and personality disorders.
Help is needed, on more than one aspect of the issue, most of all we citizens have to send a clear message, a message that can be seen and heard, a message that doesn’t hide behind obscured windows (what matters is that you can’t see from outside, isn’t it? So if no one sees nothing’s happening, right?).

A good message is to ask, and see removed, all those slot machines.

* please do not take this as a political realization, but just a statement needed for these sentences logic sense!

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