Musa’s box

Muses’ walk at Sirmione. Pic by me (you can tell XD)

° it’s the season to dry my hair naturally, in the wind, yay
° my little blog having more than one hundred pageviews for two days in a row, big deal! XD
° animal crossing, it’s always so cute *_*
° watching tv documentaries on sunday mornings, laying on the couch still in pyjamas
° thick potato chips
° Sirmione and the lake *_*
° green dress and nails
° freckles
° huge sunglasses, almost fly-like
° good news, nice opportunities
° strawberry and mango shake (but also mango and banana)
° spaghetti with (any) sauce when you’re starving
° waiting midnight to be able to say “tomorrow we’ll meet”
° spraying more perfume than usual, it’s spring, I’m a flower too, dang!
° feeling better
° being allergy-free
° mythological creatures

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2 thoughts on “Musa’s box

  1. Siobhan Hanlin

    Ohhh I have to agree with drying hair in the wind-so much better! That way you get proper swish to it 😉
    I am also loving whisky, tootsie rolls, light evenings, daffodills and new website excitement!

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