“Labyrinth today” inspired outfits

It stems from three things: Labyrinth, my personal obsession. That old 80’s game “The Fashion Wheel” (oh, how I liked it). And everyone’s new mania: remaking and updating old glories.

Necessary foretelling: I couldn’t care less about fashion. Of course I do care about what I wear, I like to like myself when I look in the mirror (and I don’t know why but I think I can sense I’m not the only one).
I really admire what designers, stylists and seamstress/tailors’ can create with plain fabric and little more, I think it’s a form of art.
But about what’s “in” this season? I coudn’t care less.
I wear what I like, being it a sundress from when I was little that now fits like a tanktop (yes, I do really have one, it depicts a colourful Betty Boop dancing with a casket of fruit on her head, yeah). Period. Other people can feel free of doing the same, I won’t be the one judging :)

Another thing I find fun and interesting to read online are the different reinterpretation of “traditional” Disney princesses’ costumes. Veeeery nice.

Then the other day I logged in my so old and almost forgotten account on Polyvore. I found some sets I made Labyrinth inspired.
Sometimes I wonder if they’ll remake it (hope not) though I wonder who would they cast…
After that wondering about what the characters would wear, if they were turned to actual people in the actual world, was quite a natural consequence.

Here are my favourites
(oh, one last thing: I use Polyvore just like it was a Fashion Wheel, I simply stick together things by the way they look, I don’t pay attention to brands, nor prices. Eeeek, these are cuh-ray-zee!!! I’m not that good at composing the image either, I have the patience of a flee, so you be patient with me :P).

This is Hoggle


Unfortunately I don’t have a link to the set anymore… it was my first set but I don’t know how, I managed to undo it to make the last one you’ll see… I’ll do this again when I’ll feel like it :P

Please take note on the shorts to enhance his perfectly round little butt, the hat, but most of all the little pouches for his jewellery and “Ooooooh… plastic!”.
I think Hoggle is now in forest service and has a little Etsy shop where she sells jewellery she makes with anything she finds.

This is, of course, Jareth, maybe this was the easiest one, since we’re having so much 80’s revival lately

Jareth Inspired

Grey leggings of course (to make my friend Spleen happy) and barn owls everywhere.
She’s a super qualified professional nanny, getting at work on her motorcycle, she delights kids with horror stories, makes them perform little rock concerts and keeps them quiet with magic tricks and juggling exibitions.

Here’s my second-favourite character, The Worm

Labyrinth Blue Worm Inspired

Ok, this one was easy.
She has a tea room (teas are imported from Englan, her husband’s country) where she hosts Tasting Nights, calligraphy and good manners courses.

This one is Sarah, and this one was quite easy as well, for the same reasons as Jareth: 80’s revival.

Real Life Sarah

I just refused to give her moccassins, I hate moccassins. Plus young ladies today wear Vans and shoes with floral patterns U_U (but the ring to pay the Wiseman with, the bracelet to bribe Hoggle with and the lipstick to mark her way couldn’t be left out).
She’s, of course, a drama, theater and acting student, always helping out with costumes and, in her spare time, she likes to thrift shop for fantasy books and stuffed animals.

Could I forget The Wiseman and The Hat?

The Wiseman and the Hat

I think this set has been the hardest one, the Wiseman is some kind of furniture with a head, dressed in rags and with a talking hat shaped like a phoenix? A chicken? Who knows…
So layers, neutral colours, red hat and lots of red feathers… maybe the hat spoke once too much 😛
Miss Wiseman is a free spirit, she lives off a lucky win at the lottery, of course, and in her (abundant) spare time she breeds red parrots and earns a few bucks more being a fortune reader at different places. She’s quite often right. See her win at the lottery.

And, dulcis in fundo (even though it ruined my Hoggle), Sir Didymus!
I thought it was almost impossible, but I’m quite proud of how my favourite character turned out

Sir Didymus Inspired

Please take note of the colours of the dress and the cardigan, just like the ones in Sir Didymus’ shirt. The dress was necessary since that little dog wears no pants… The shoes are very practical, she’s very practical. And *of course* she’s wearing feathers in her hair, that’s really practical: how can you live without?
Lady Didymus today works as a dog trainer and as a hobby she takes fencing lessons and partecipates in poetry readings (of course she writes tons!).

There! I also dug into my “Project runway” moment 😛

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