Musa’s Box

Sometimes I do it, I refresh your memory.
Today is one of those times. So, for any of you who might be new around here, or if anyone forgot it, my “Musa’s Box” is a metaphorical box in which I collect, week by week, all the things I’m grateful for, all the things that made me happy or smile. Because it’s the small things that change a day from this to this *picture a flat, moving hand, flipping over like a pancake… mmmh… pancakes…*


° Early arrival of autumn, rainy days, foggy mornings, yellow trees, falling leaves, nicenicenice
° a nice, quiet, long and well done breakfast, with even a warm croissant and an homemade cappuccino
° being unable to stay still, which is odd for me, but I don’t feel like staying bottled in, I could walk to the doctor’s office, even, but at least I’m doing something
° a new call from the blood donation centre, I can go donate again!
° a walk in Milan, in the “beads & supply” street (via Settembrini, hey, I’m writing this here, you’ll never know) I came home with plenty of supplies and ideas!
° helping a dear old lady to cross the street, I felt like a comic book superhero!
° Sa coming to my rescue, when the battery of my car was in distress 😛
° my family, no, really
° playing with synthetic terracotta clay ^_^
° Stinkerbell gaining weight, she has a really nice and full booty now 😛 and she always wants to play (and to eat)
° being healthy, having no problems, realising that those I thought I had are, basically, just bumps along the road, obstacles I can either jump over, or walk around, or tear down, the road goes on
° being back in the kitchen and cooking something yummy, oh yeah! (Does anyone have any japanese recipe with pleurotus mushrooms?)
° (sort of) following my own september resolution/mantra: do it, now.
° chatting with my friend Spleen, having a “plan Z”
° friends ready to jump to the rescue with a single “Meet up, we need to embark in a new adventure, I need you!” text message
° mythological creatures, sooooo mythological, like, we get eachother with the raising of an eyebrow… but also we’re still able to surprise eachother making up silly words and other sillynesses!

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