Musa’s Box

Sugar spice and everything nice… Those were the Powerpuff Girls, this is my list :)


° tidying up and “pruning” some dead branches, apparently it’s time and I’m not the only one doing some cleanup, after all it’s autumn, isn’t it? And am I not that flower-power girl that always says that to live better we should follow nature?
° those glorious moments you jump from a post to another, from a blog to another, in a queue of super interesting articles, and you’re probably the only one who can appreciate that serendipitous (is this even a word?) moment
° I know I shouldn’t brag about myself but I don’t care, my Labyrinth post, it was soooo much fun to make U_U
° my new ergonomical stool, my knees are still getting used to it, but I’ve never sat straighter!
° our chicken salad and our “Calabria inspired” quiche
° googling for mousse au chocolat recipes and for “rice crispy” recipes (yes, we do have a little bit too much of chocolate around)
° “La Fille Damnée” by Cécile Courbel, my new obsession (and some other songs by her as well)
° taupe nailpolish
° 100% alpaca fairtrade yarn, in a gorgeous ultramarine blue
° a slice of my home made bread with some Nutella and a cup of American Breakfast tea (or a cup of Chocolate Tea as well). Gooooooodmorning!
° walking beneath linden trees, with a yellow carpet of leaves under my feet :)
° the chocolate cake by the supercute tearoom “La Latteria”
° the first walk beneath the rain and the first fog
° reading in bed, with my Stinkerbell purring by my side
° muscle relxing herbal tea, ibuprofen, napping, my blanket and my Stinkerbell warming me up, aka: the practical recipe to feel better
° my rotary cutterto cut fabric, wonderful! And, speaking of objects, my microfiber cap to dry my hair
° coconut shampoo
° this weekend plans: Witches Festival, yay! (hence today’s picture :) )
° our cat who needs to gain some weight
° mythological creatures

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