Musa’s Box

It’s thursday again! Let’s go with the list!


° this picture, I want something like this in my own house (when I’ll have one!)
° this week of freedom
° live music
° my friend’s band
° pizza pizza pizza
° baking macarons*
° exercises to love myself
° reaching deeper thoughts
° see my girls today and tomorrow
° sunny days
° skype chats
° sunday brunch
° turning my bedroom into a photo-studio
° naps
° reading for hours, reading only books I want to read
° “American Gods” (Neil Gaiman)
° Mondadori’s catalogue
° dreaming about finding a super-cute kitty
° internet wi-fi, when it works
° singing exercises
° singing lessons
° striped stuff
° Alice finally in theaters
° planning lots of “cinema nights”
° mythological creatures

*my macarons turned out just like the picture I had on the recipe I was using… but nothing like the ones I’ve ate in France, I’ll have to try again

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One thought on “Musa’s Box

  1. AleMadrid

    la foto è geniale!

    grazie infinite per la ricettina dei muffin, sono venuti bene e adoro fare cose piccole e colorate^^

    un abbraccio :*

    ps: oddio sheldon con il pizzetto XD

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