Musa’s Box

° this past weekend, spent on the mountains: arriving early, chatting a lot in the driving (metaphysical topics too ^_^), helping with the food and preparing good things to eat, the playlist made almost exclusively of queen, david bowie and rammstein, arriving in a woody warmy little house, having nobody around for miles
° spa massage: soft orangy surroundings, good smelling and warm rooms, green, hot termal water, arnica flowers, sweet almond oils, the massage itself, getting out completely melted, oiled and happy, terrace view, the beautiful sunny day it was, deciding to go back there as soon as possible, deciding it worths it to save all your coins and spend them on thermal massages, chupachups.
° remembering how lucky I am, meaning not “lucky at games”, but “simply” because I have food at home, because I have a place to call “home”, with water I can drink… well sometimes I do have this kind of deep thoughts, but we take it for granted too often
° totally relaxing afternoon
° UP and most of all the window scene
° crying and being breathless by laughter
° focaccia 😛
° walks
° movies and tv series, and watching them on the couch, rolled up in blankets
° pizza at some place I call “scuba diver” ’cause I can never remember what it’s really called
° Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people
° writing lists (suitcase one, alphabet of bands I listen to, to-do-list, etc.)
° chatting with myladies
° picking songs
° choosing how to feed up my song-storage on my mp3
° having a couple ideas for this blog
° perpetual communication
° realizing that what I have to do is not so overwhelming
° longing for colour, wanting to sew
° finding new music
° the eternal sound of piano
° sleepover with a friend
° laughing and chatting
° Crodino
° Finding Nemo
° mythological creatures

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