Musa’s Box

What a full week! I’m so grateful for all these beautiful moments :)


° black, blue and silver together
° driving in a tree-lined road during the wind storm, see all the leaves flying like crazy, it was like a gold snowstorm!
° getting home just in time to close all the windows and enjoy the rainstorm safely from under a blankie with Clothilde
° my little trip to Lodi: ask for direction old school, the little house that really represents my friend, a pijama party a bit too grown up but who cares, sleeping underneath the skylight (and listen to the rain on it while sleeping), waking up with the morning light, leave a silly note -fighting with Betty Swann, the pirate cat-, walking around Lodi a little (really nice town!), driving back enjoying the fields, the flocks flying away, herons
° two wonderful blue skied days
° brush my hair throughly and then braid it in different ways :)
° some samples to give away (and keeping a couple :P)
° the camera in my cellphone, I would have sworn that I would have had no use at all for it, yet now I’m always finding new useful ways (i.e. Let’s take a pic of this INCI, and I’ll check it later! Or: ehy aunt, look at this cool rocking chare I’ve saw at the flea market, are you still looking for one?)
° baking worm shaped cookies with my little cousin
° having a sense of direction after all
° feeling independent
° rose spiced black tea, bye bye last bag!
°Sa back from a week mixing and mastering the new album, chatting on the couch with the fireplace lit, we had a week of things to talk about!
° my hair braided with a shoot of ivy :)
° the beer “Tzara Fumé” (white, smoked, from the Dada beerhouse) and the one with raspberry (by Brasseria Alpina) I’ve tasted at Birrart
° chunky french fries that actually taste like potatoes!
° our daily “cultural exchange”, via email (we’re actually gossiping a little too)
° juicy plans for this weekend
° finaly being allowed to turn on the heating *_*
° start using my alpaca wool peruvian mittens, sooo soft, sooo warm (soft mitten, warm mitten, little alpaca glove, happy mitten, squishy mitten, keep me warm)
° recovering, from the internet, an old, silly calendar (which I sense will be the base for a lot of flower-power fun U_U)
° see my new “office” (and the view from the windows!!!)
° beetle-coloured nails buzzbuzzbuzz
° Clothilde appreciating that we turned on the heating, sleeping on the radiators (btw she’s not the only one who’s happy with that)
° a very nice and warm sunny day, being able to open wide all the windows at The Nook, change the air, and light an incense to make all the house smell good
° kind neighbours
° a new obsession XD Thanx for pointing me to it
° the “thank you” page on the booklet for the new album by Deimos… I’ve seen it on preview… I’m so moved *_*
° the golden packaging in my night moisturizer, it’s plastic-gold, but it makes me feel so fancy U_U
° treating myself to new copybooks, in recycled paper, cheap and so cute (by Arbos, they do deserve this shout out, I really enjoy their stuff… and after all if they wanted to sponsor me I’d be glad XD), I also like the feeling of perspective and chances new blank pages give off *_*
° watch a silly sitcom with Clothilde on my lap, sometimes we do “girls-only” stuff U_U
° those home-y, domestic moments: a book, an herbal tea, feet being bitten… a book, making a cake, being observed from the top shelves of the kitchen… (play guess who’s who!)
° learn how to draw labyrinths, after the movie and after studying their symbolism and stuff it was due time to face the practical and technical aspects of it too
° bananas and nuts plumcake, this time with chocolate icing muhuhahahahah!!! And yummy
° walking out a fabric store with no purchases at all, I did it, I resisted the monster!!! Warming up with tea and a slice of bred with chocolate spread
° tonight’s greek dinner
° mythological creatures

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