Musa’s Box

This week’s list!


° an abundance of raw salmon, with anything. Goooooooood
° brunch at my parent’s
° mocking my little cousin for her upcoming One Direction concert… but it must be great being 11 and having a dream come true 😉
° a day in Parma, it’s always so nice :)
° an afternoon spent chatting (overpowering heavy metal playing) with newly met ladies
° functioning as a “cheap Mary Poppins” (let’s thanx Fulvia for the fitting description :D)
° dinner with sandwiches at a gas station, but most of all the half croissant with tons of nutella *_*
° the pizza from the nearby pizzeria, sooo freakin’ good!!!
° the weather, it’s practically perfect
° being on the other side of a university exam, for the first time
° reading on the bus
° packages coming in by mail, thank you yellow Santas on scooters with no raindeers!
° Piccalilly dip
° our 90’s movies night (thanx Robert Zemeckis and Alan Silvestri!)
° our stash of ice creams in the freezer
° reading a book that deals with bees and beekeeping… with a wee bee flying around me (maybe it was the rose perfume I was wearing? :D)
° our oven, recovering enough to let me cook eggplants… to serve as a side dish in a very tasty dinner (roasted eggplants, grilled shrimps, bretzel, ginger beer, gelato, yummy!)
° my Sillyfriend and her new home
° an all-cuddly Stinkerbell
° organize a couple of visits here and there for when we’ll live for MetalDays
° mythological creatures

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