Musa’s Box

Thursday’s Musa’s box, where are yours?

° Jump on the couch singing “paa-pa papapaa-pa papapaa-pa papapaa-pa papa paapa papapaa-pa” aka Game of Thrones opening theme, before watching a new episode (even thought I’m almost halfway through the fourth book… “A feast for crows”)
° redescover the pleasure of playing with fimo
° letting wind and sun in the Nook
° my green bike, it takes me everywhere
° saturday’s Inspirational Bellydance… and sweating in a day like in all summer (oh so poetic)
° another sewing lesson, the satisfaction of hearing “Wow, what a nice feeling, it’s satisfying doing this stuff” Yes it is!!!
° a barbecue with tons of bruschette
° a yummy risotto and a race with Mario Kart
° Dark Shadows, it’s nice! I was expecting something a little different (or maybe a little “more developed”), but it was fun non the less! And the new cinema is huuuuuge!!!
° ESP cards
° this website MakeYourStyle
° Gimp+Mr Faun, such a wonderful combination *_*
° packages in the mail
° free fonts
° re-watch “The mists of Avalon”
° Mr Faun, who comes home and listens to me whine and then with a few words completely shifts my mood :)
° being silly
° going again to my favourite place
° having so much to do that I don’t know where to start from
° mythological creatures

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