Giveway Winner!

Hello hello! No blabbling, let’s say immediately that Gina, aka Canadian Twentysomething, won the pretty necklace!

A mail will wait for her, so we can arrange for the shipping!

As my first giveaway I’m pretty satisfied of how it rolled, this is how I worked out:

2- manually writing the list, some names once some more, depending on what you did to join the giveaway
3- click on the button to shuffle the list
4- click on the button to pick random
This is the screenshot, a full view of the results (when one is picked the name goes in the box below, taken from the list, so from twelve lines we got eleven and the winner in the bottom box).

I hope everything’s clear :)

And thanx again to everyone for joining in, for spreading the word and for helping me with my little project!

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4 thoughts on “Giveway Winner!

  1. Canadian Twentysomething

    Yaaay! Thank you so much! I'm so excited to wear it! What a good start to the morning. :)

    I sent you an email with my address. I can't wait!

  2. Euforilla

    A dire il vero non lo so 😛 il riquadro di sopra è la lista "random" e nel riquadro sotto il nome di chi è uscito pescato a caso.
    Comunque tesssòrah grazie ancora per aver partecipato 😀

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