Musa’s Box

Little list of things I’m grateful for. Try it out for yourselves: it’s good on the mood and helps to see the bright side even in dark moments.

dancing groot gif

° rewatch together “My big fat greek wedding” and laugh because “It reminds me of my family!”
° a trip to Turin
° From The Depth live in Turin :)
° a walk at the park, Vernavola, to cheer my cousin in her running competition
° going to the theater to see Jesus Christ Super Star, it’s always such a spectacle *_*
° a sunny blue skied day, with a very strong and cold wind *_*
° researching to make a good ramen
° trying my hand at making chocolate mousse, maybe it was a bit too bitter, but the consistency was perfect!
° our Stinkerbell that looks to be on the recovery side (plays more, pukes less, yay!!!), we just had to put a plastic ball in her bowl, and place this one on a box, so she needs more time to eat, does so more slowly, thus her stomach doesn’t swell up too much so she doesn’t puke and doesn’t lose any more weight because she’s finally assimilating her nutrients… little greedy cat!
° Sarabande by Handel
° free dessert at lunch 😀
° the kindest and most useful “No thanx” I ever had *_*
° finally having another “tea bag plate” (first world problems, I know) to use instead of the christmas tree one (which is fine, but maybe not in july?)
° our plans for the days ahead, yeah yeah
° Groot
° mythological creatures

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