March 8th

Tomorrow’s the 8th of march, and by now I’ve been repeating myself every year, but I feel like I have to.
We don’t “celebrate” women in the sense that “finally” we can have a day off from the stereotype of stay-at-home/mom.
We don’t wait this day to “finally be able to behave like men do all year through” (first, because if you want to you can as well do it everyday, second, because “behaving like a man” doesn’t necessarily mean getting drunk looking at people of the opposite sex vining up around a pole, naked, to be honest I have a slightly higher opinion of y-chromosome carriers, in which I am sure they do ALSO other things in their free time).
We don’t wait this day to “finally have a night out with the gals”.

found on google

found on google

If you’re living the 8th of march like that, men, women or unicorns, I highly advice a re-evaluation of your choices, then you can tell me “it’s fine by me” and I’ll shut up, but at least it will be a conscious choice.

What IS the 8th of march, then?
It’s Women’s international day, there to remind of all the human, social and political conquests we had, but also to remind that we still have a lot of way to go. Italy or the world.

And here’s where I stop before turning this into a long, boring therefore useless post.
Let me close this in a cheerful note, the recipe for the “Mimosa cocktail” that we’ll use to cheer to women’s achievements, so we can go back working on the next ones even more 😉

What you’ll need:
– champagne (or other bubbles)
– fresh and chilled orange juice
– flute glasses

Pour the two ingredients in equal quantities.
Cheer and remember:
“Not because she’s your mother, sister, daughter, aunt, mother in law, grandma, friend, cousin, niece, granddaugher, but because she’s a PERSON”

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