Musa’s Box

Here are all the niceties of this past week!!!


° plenty of cherries
° being able to do that chalk hair trick 😀
° a suuuuuper lazy monday!
° home made bread *_*
° a nice wednesday packed with to do things
° going into open fields to collect St John’s wort, with rain and sun, picking yellow flowers by hand and avoiding little snails here and there. Then make the ointment sitting at my table, chattering with Lanterna and drinking iced tea. Happy summer solstice!!!
° these last few days weather, it’s perfect, can we have all summer like this? Hot sun and wind? Thanx a lot!!!
° yogurt cake
° the thunderstom refreshing everything therefore making me cook: a pasta with a sauce made with fresh onions, pancetta and small bell tomatoes, yummy!!!
° loosing sleep thinking about different Vanilla Sky interpretations…
° the super moon
° a Margarita Up made properly
° the doughnuts from Peach Pit
° the spoilers Jasna lets go about her third book 😛
° ointment-help desk, thans to Horrya too!!!
° my pretty green chiffon dress coming in with the mail, I love it, it’s such a quality *_*
° my new mantra “Do no harm, but take no shit”
° Clò sleeping on my desk, perching at her best on all the mess (and her bobbly head when she’s literally falling asleep)
° mythological creatures

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