Desdemona march 3, 2006

Desdemona is happy, she sits in front of the oval mirror and starts brushing her long red hair

Desdemona is proud of herself, she finds it very satisfying to find out she was right

Desdemona was right from the beginning, since everything started

Desdemona gave in to paranoia because of this itchy matter… because of that silly wannabe-her… she thought she was the wannabe, because Desdemona has a heart after all, well hidden and well cloaked, maybe a little black heart, but she does have one…

but no, it was all Amelie’s fault: keeping her so upended, while Angelica was more than ready to fight, a simple nod would have been enough

yet Desdemona chose to wait, and wait, and wait, ’till being sick, ’till exhaustion, almost ’till explosion and then it was implosion

and now Desdemona enjoys her little but great victory, from knowing she was always right, that her sybilline eyes saw it true…

“ah, isn’t truth rewarding?”

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