Musa’s Box

A list of nice things happened in the past week, things I’m feeling grateful for. Grateful to Papa Smurf, the Universe, Chance or just who’s involved and myself :)
If you write one, leave me a link or the list in the comments below!!!

dance dancing dancer ballerina danza ballo

° dinner with friends, a delicious tuna and curry spread
° behaving with my detox regimen, for as much as I can
° a super quick walk in Milan, a beautiful wool shop, a beautiful bistrot (sadly their vanilla tea was a disappointment :S)
° ravioli from Piemonte
° a nap with my cat
° sunday with the family, celebrating a lot of un-birthdays (and being ridiculously happy about the gift I thought for my brother&my sisterinlaw)
° our first tealadies meeting, to lighten up a horrible monday morning
° a matter that (finally) gets settled without confrontations
° our fridge, filled up with tasty, nice and healthy stuff (coming home from doing our grocery shopping in tranquillity, snooping around and taking it slow, store everything away and look at the pantry and the fridge, so plenty and abundant… it deserved a picture! Yes, I took a picture of my fridge… but I swear I’m mentally sane!)
° hot bretzels *_* Thank you lidl, thank you! (and thank you oven)
° a good talk with Sa
° Winterfell cereals, personal tunes for phonecalls, taupe nailpolish, small things to make a nice morning
° finally a sunny day with blue sky… they make the idea of having to bear two more winter months, more bearable :)
° Romanzo Criminale, great movie!
° mythological creatures

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