Musa’s Box

Another thursday, another list of nice. Let’s see how you’re doing, 2013!

° Write a lot of drafts for the blog
° beautiful winter sunny days
° lunch with my philosophers, notice that high education didn’t save anyone from madness. We win!
° mussakà
° going in the livingroom to turn off the light and realize it’s lit by a beautiful sunset
° a nice walk in town, like it was spring
° revenge, served oh so cold XD
° undo christmas decorations, they kinda bored me at this pont :)
° a hot bath with a lot of scented bubbles
° Sa, who always stands by my side, even though I’m always repeating myself and my issues (what a bore!)
° dividing my goals into even smaller points and daily to do lists, so I can stick by them!
° good quality incense
° resume cultural mail exchange
° mythological creatures

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