The five steps

Nietzsche said that walking is one of the highest form of philosophy. Because, while walking, your mind is free to think and ponder and go in depth.

He was wise, I pedal instead and realize I’m at the third fase of the “Crazy cat lady sindrome”, and here are the steps:

Phase 1) Having AT LEAST one cat

Phase 2) Biking around singing and talking to myself
Check, oh yes this is a major check!!!

Phase 3) Having anything in the shape of/with cats on

Phase 4) Loosing count of how many cats you have, but, if necessity calls, knowing each one by name

Phase 5) Throwing around cats like insults
Sadly this is still missing.

I know it might look like I’m skipping important points like: “Talking to the cat and understanding its anwers”, “Talking Cat-ish”, “Dreaming of having more cats”, “Cuddling with the cat more than with your boyfriend”, “Saying hello to cats before doing so to humans”, and such, but this is just the ABC. It’s given for granted, othewise there are no foundations to the theory.



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