Musa’s Box

List of nice from the past week ^^

° waking up and see it’s snowing, spend some time watching the snow fall
° pizza with the company of friends-cousins
° an interesting article on animism and vegetarian/veganism
° go see Ghost at the theatre, the girl playing Oda Mae was stunningly amazing!!!

° having the perfect excuse to keep making home made hot cocoa: untill it’s perfect!
° a nice trip to the artisans of the world fair, with my mom… and coming home with quite a good loot!
° Clo being super cuddly (and finding out she actually slept in the little tent I made her before going out)
° warming up a storebought croissant in my pan… it’s possible!!!

° speaking my mind, you feel free and light
° my tarot cards collection ever growing *_*
° Ringo Black cookies (the italian response to Oreos, I guess)
° plans for the weekend

° searching for “doge meme” on youtube and watch what happens (go on, try it!)
° my “prof”, the “old feminist” I work with, she’s an inspiration (and in a whim she can change my perspectives)
° saying no without feeling the need to explain why
° feeling like dressing up all nice, doing makeup and so, actually doing it, and then afterwards feeling great

° my family (and introducing them to stroopwafel!)
° a super kitsch, “gothic” (more tribal bellidance actually), my mom gave me for laughs… but in the end I really like it XD
° dressing up all in purple, including an agathe slice as necklace

° the simple and beautiful thought that in less than 20 days, daylight will start to increase again, even though it will be but the beginning of winter… after all it has been a beautiful autumn :)
° another trip to the artisans fair… I’m lucky I do not live close to it, otherwise I’d spend all the money I don’t have!!! (practical advice: go with a backpack or a trolley, and with little money on hand XD)
° writing, writing, writing
° my Stinkerbell playing then sleeping deeply, then eating like mad then sleeping deeply, then cuddling me when I need it then sleeping deeply <3
° talking with Sa and feeling he really understands me
° mythological creatures

My list is over but the picture I snapped ad “artigiano in fiera” are not, so I’ll post some more, like this tibetan monk drawing a mandala with sand and endless patience

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