Some numbers

3 – the days left to birthday number

4 – for;

150+ – average daily views (thanx a lot *_*)

511 – posted articles (and no, translations do not count as double ;))

1343 – total comments

IMPOSSIBLENUMBERWITHTHOUSANDSOFZEROS are my thanx to you, because without you reading, searching, commenting, sharing, liking the Facebook page (where all we need is one more like to get to 100, come on! go on! Then we’ll celebrate!) etcetera, I really think I wouldn’t be here today still writing :)


Therefore, with the powers I am giving myself, I declare today the “Indulge yourself in the most chocolat-y moist and sugary sweet you can get your hands on” day.
I’m waiting for pictures!!!

But most of all, pray, would you like a giveaway to properly celebrate? I have a pyrograph and a welder that are waiting to be used! (Then maybe I’ll end up giving away a jar of hot cocoa, but ehy, nothing stops me from pyrographing those as well!!!)

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