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A friend is someone who knows everything about you and, despite that, still loves you.

O. Wilde
° all frosty Narnia style
° chatting about weather with cute old men
° organizing a second breakfast with Bro
° amazing news from Mr. Faun
° amazing news from my brother
° happy hour with my mom
° vanilla pudding
° morning tea with tons of chatting (more or less existential) with Bro
° the Bierhaus with the fire log, and hot bretzel
° warming up with milk and cocoa, and hot showers
° playing with Wii Party
° looking for toys for 4 year old girls
° impromptu dinner with Mr. Faun
° three ’80s tribute bands in one night, one better than the previous
° glitter/sequinned/rhinestoned skinny jeans, I want them! XD
° a nice place for live music, filled with people and with a pretty interesting agenda
° sleep
° solving Einstein’s riddle (without cheating), now I’m ready for more!
° steampunk theme for Google
° assuring myself a little
° a “girls only” afternoon, walking in christmas lighted streets, and with our bellies warmed by the best hot chocolate you can find around here!
° talking, a lot, of serious stuff, with Mr. Faun, and feeling immediately better
° putting a little splash of colour in wintery outfits
° the day after tomorrow is christmas!!!
° people watching: a guy playing air guitar while listening to his iPod, on the train; a cute girl that looked like she popped out of a graphic novel
° getting off the train at the wrong stop, but doing so having the excuse to meet Mr Faun
° spend a night looking at pictures from/about Harry Potter (on Weheartit), there are sooo many epic wins!
° realizing that I won’t have any more weekends to spend on homeworks!
° realizing that now I can afford a little bit of treats for myself, now that I have the tiniest paycheck
° perfume, shiny things and tinkerbelling things
° Christmas break at the office, we couldn’t we shouldn’t, but at least I know that “merry christmas” was really meant to be merry (and I also got a lottery ticket!)
° “Walking in pimlico” by Ann Featherstone, good book!
° this contest! It’s held by a girl from my same city, and I’d give it a try, there are pretty prizes! (yes, it’s international!)
° Megamind, my first 3D movie, I was afraid of migraines &co (I’m not short sighted, I’m veeeeeeeeeeeery shortsighted!), but no! It was fun!
° an overwhelming day, but at least it looks like something is moving
° trying with online thrifting, let’s see how it goes
° anticipating gift giving with Mr. Faun for tonight
° having a little bit of “heavy” thoughts, but afterwords feeling compelled to do something concrete
° having in mind tons, maybe too many, of things to do, but not feeling crushed by them
° mythological creatures
So, where is your second to last list for 2010? Will you leave me a link?

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