Musa’s Box

° another mythological weekend
° playing interior designers with catalogues, drawings and projects
° “pink night” with the association
° tribal belly dance workshop… I want ondulations, busy belts and snake arms since sunday!
° anice popsicle
° oxigen-break
° being pissed off and showing it, without flaming anything
° fixing things with clever solutions
° feeling like an external observer… and being fine with it for once
° kind people, there still are :)
° The Lady with the Penguin
° Fitocose products
° air conditioned, or just a thing that takes humidity away
° Vasco retiring
° music revival while working
° my first extra in the paycheck, its teeny tiny, but I’m happy anyway!
° moving a little further, I stopped spinning on myself and on my past, I keep what I need and move on
° The elegance of the hedgehog, is the book I wish I wrote.
° a pair of green elf boots for this winter *_* hurray for swaps!
° feeling fine, generally
° tomorrow’s almost weekend!
° the first box is full
° projects with sketchup, rulers and pencils
° dialect
° saying stupid things and laughing to tears
° starry eyes
° Mr Faun


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