Musa’s Box

What a wonder-filled week *_*


° tidy up the Nook o a shine, and managing to keep it quite tidy for some days XD
° recover my runaway Clo, see her recovering in one day from the trauma (I think she lost one of her nine lives, I have no idea how, though!). Clo moving her mouth like a suckling pup in her sleep. Clo kneading on me forever. Does this tell I’ve been locked up inside home with my cat?
° internet really connecting all the world
° find a useful time, in both the time tables, to chat on gmail :)
° shopping in Serravalle with mom and aunt, taking the chance to try on some serious “italian fashion” dresses
° tuna and red onion pizza
° a nap with a thunderstorm outside
° the lazy afternoon, with henna, cookies and chats
° being able to say “see you tomorrow” in both time tables 😀
° Scrubs and TBBT
° watch silly videos on youtube
° videochats on skype… without video… without mic… they were talking, I was writing!!!
° butterflies in my stomach
° celebrate May 1st at “the polish house”, with bunnies, a circle of stones, the frogs’ pond, my friends and tons of good stuff to eat. And to drink.
° take a picture all together ^^
° feed a carrot to a bunny and “bop” his nose ( ° a nice afternoon at Officinalia, with my mom
° the “plundering” made there 😛
° a lily of the valley bouquet, smells sooo good *_* (and it has been immediately secluded in the Lab, out of Clothilde’s reach)
° curious working ideas
° mythological creatures, finally reunited


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