The All Natural Face – Review

The sun gives better pictures!

For the makeup lessons I took with my Association, we decided to give ligtht to eco friendly products. I’m slowly switching to ecofriendly myself.

After all you wouldn’t like to smear petrol, formaldehyde or polluting chemicals on your face… but it happens…

So we decided to order from The All Natural Face!

Let’s start by saying that Crystal, the owner, was super sweet and helpful: as soon as I placed the order I noticed that a promo code popped up on the site for the opening of the IRL store, so… I asked and she kindly allowed me to benefit from the same offer, even though I didn’t use the code!

The shipping came in in a couple of weeks (USPS, from USA to Italy, while she was opening the store), I can’t complain!

These are the products I’ve tried so far, during lessons and other times:

  • eyeshadow primer (my lids aren’t oily, but the regular one creased on me after a little while, though I haven’t tried the oily lid primer… and the black eyeshadow primer works wonderfully!)
  • blush (very natural effect and it doesn’t make me feel dried up, I have dry skin, so this to me is very important!)
  • liquid foundation (I want to try to mix it up with my moisturizer, because otherwise it’s too sticky and I had a hard time to use it and blend it)
  • eyeshadow pigments (super bold colours! I bought the sample ones and I could choose the 10 shades I wanted!)
  • eyebrows powder (and wax), I love this, I’m a henna red head (on a natural dark chestnut hair), and this powder, in Dark Auburn, gives just the right shade of… well, auburn! to blend all the colours together
  • last but not least: vegan gel pots. I love these! Wonderful, powerful, pigmented, vibrant colours. They also feel very fresh.


So, if I could buy only one thing from the store it would be the vegan gel pots. All That Black, Screaming Purple, Antique Gold and Peacock Green are the ones I have. Beautiful!
Oh, about these gel pots, our “Prof” for the makeup course gave us this advice: they write better applied with a very small flat brush, instead of the classic eyeliner brush. Indeed!

Now I’m looking forward to experiment a bit more with pigments 😉
So, Crystal was so kind helping us with the course that the least we can do is givin her some spotlight, most of all because her products have a very good quality, very good price (most of all a very good quality-price rapport), there are often promos and sales, and she always adds a couple of samples to your orders!

I’m not used to reviews and such, this is not a makeup or beauty blog because, even though I enjoy cuddling myself and painting myface, I know and care very little about. But I know how these things work, so I want you to know that I’ve paid with my own money for all the products I’ve tried, ok? (Otherwise, if it was just a favor, or something rewarded I was doing, I wouldn’t have told you about those things I didn’t like that much, would I? 😉 )

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    1. Euforilla Post author

      Makeup lessons (or youtube tutorials :P) can do wonders… and the more you get good at it, the more you dare and like to play with colours & co!
      Try TANF out, I like it :)

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