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My list of nice! Yay, nice!!!


“Acorns” – by Sylviane Natol

° going to Milan with a friend and her gorgeous furry direwolf (I have to befriend her now that she’s a puppy, because I don’t want her to see me as dinner when she’ll literally weight as much as I do)
° the tearoom “La Teiera Eclettica” (the eclectic teapot), their shortbread cookies, coming home with these teas: Sakura (green tea, sencha, with cherry leaves), Wedding Imperial (black tea with notes of malt, chocolate and caramel), American Breakfast (black tea with notes of chocolate, vanilla and caramel)
° cuddling my kittycat
° chill air in the morning… and in the evening when it makes the curtains flutter
° unlikely outfits… this weather (coldhotcoldhotcoldhot) confuses me, I don’t know how to dress anymore!
° online reservations (for medical check ups) actually working!!!
° piling up recipes for muffins, cookies and sweets to make and bake
° being quite busy, both because I have and I want to, it’s like I’m piling up for winter when I’ll be stuck at home, and also it’s like a catching up from the lazy summer
° home roasted pumpkin seeds, from such a small slice of pumpkin I got so many seeds! I had to experiment! After all it’s almost autumn, we need to pile up for the colder days… and don’t we live better if we follow the seasons? 😛
° the presentation of a book about local folklore, didn’t I just say that I would have loved to read something like De Martino works but about my places? (I’d like to win the lottery… I’m just saying… maybe it works this time too :P)
° surprise anniversary: we spent the actual day travelling in august, but the other night I come home to lit candles, sushi and movie awaiting. Oh yeah! <3
° my first Yankee Candle (well, yes, I finally caved in, I bought three of the sample sized ones just to see what all the fuss was about): it was lemon and lavender. Can I have a lifetime supply of these? Thanx.
° my highschool french teacher’s recipe for tarte Tatin… I HAVE to try it out as soon as possible!
° looking at my friends and seeing them happy, despite everything happy, that’s such a nice thing, they deserve it so much :)
° two pair of jeans that costed me less than twenty euros, thank you thrift store (and they are also by Levi’s and Lee, I never cared for brands, but I’m happy with my bargain :P)
° the crockpot, the terra-cotta pot, anyway, that brown and orange thing that made the best pasta sauce of my life (featuring my in law’s best tomato sauce and black olives sliced by Sa, it’s a teamwork U_U)
° our pasta that “tastes like pasta always should”
° Penny Dreadful
° going shopping with my mom, in a huge store filled with silly stuff and crap XD (from suitcases to nailart tools, from toys to garden furniture, from cake design to cleaning products… and so much more!)
° “How clean is your house”, I just love their accents… my love
° laughing when we f*ck up something in the kitchen (ok, ok, when I do… like pouring water from a pot straight onto my feet)
° my home made kitchen spray cleaner: water and white vinegar… ooooooh shiny!!!
° smoked buffalo scamorza, can I have a lifetime supply of this as well?
° googling cake recipes I want to try out
° mythological creatures

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