June Photo a Day Challenge – from 11 to 17

Wow, I’m quite behind with this!
This week I’ve been a bit busy so I’ve skipped a lot of pictures, but here we go!

11 – Door

12 – From a low angle

13 – Art

14 – Time

15 – Yellow

16 – Out and about (ok, it’s not really an “outdoor” picture, but we’ve been “out and about” ’till 4 am!)

17 – In your bag

(spilled out random: sunglasses, wallet, book/Nook, note/diary, pen, kleenex, army knife, paper and wastepaper, candies, coins, keys, cellphone, ipod and earplugs, chewingums, and some times it also has bottle of water, umbrella and camera… yes, it’s Mary Poppins’ bag)

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