Musa’s Box

So, it seems that starting today we’re going to have rain, bad weather and lower temperatures… I’m very happy with this, we’re boiling over here!

° our home that smells nice, like air, incense and home made bread
° a clean and tidy closet
° two quiet day for me and Sa
° my blooming lavender
° bunny pictures that make me smile
° our furry Stinkerbell that doesn’t dare to jump on the balcony
° the electric fan
° plenty of cherries
° cold yogurt “cheese” cake
° ideas and coincidences for my writing
° the scent of the jasmine fence that I can smell at night, it comes from our neighbour’s
° getting what I want
° rushing home earlier, hoping to still find Sa and say hello to him before he has to get out again, and finding him there, running a little late just to say hello to me
° my sixth sense
° a good news
° a freezer filled up with icecreams, a fridge filled up with fresh fruits
° fresh air in the morning, on the balcony, when I’m watering the plants and pots
° Clothilde learning to enjoy the electric fan, instead of being scared of it
° good news for Sa
° my Yoga books, I have no more excuses now!!!
° mythological creatures

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