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Thursday list :) Link me yours, if you post one!!!


I don't know if it's because of spring, but I'm in some kind of polka dots fever :D

° walk ’till I’m falling apart
° ir de tapas, copas y compras 😀
° an entire week with my brother
° visit Salamanca, a beautiful city
° some time all to myself, going around with no direction, being in nature and art, it’s good for the spirit :)
° paella prepared like it should
° going home to Mr Faun
° a comfy bed!
° a totally useless but oh so nice trip to Ikea
° Ikea’s gift card that my ex coworker gave me, I used it well!
° jamon serrano, PiM’s (aka Jaffa cakes… I have to make them myself!!!), sour cream and oninon chips and Ikea’s cyder, in short: yummy food
° dusting my sewing machin with threads, scissors and fabrics
° openinc my PC to clean it up (I mean unscrewing and all…) and being able to close it and start it again!!!
° Mr Faun speeding up my PC and planning to power it up :)
° watching my favourite tv series :)
° nag champa <3
° seeing again my Melina *_*
° visit supermarkets; lego star wars and a Barbie show
° browsing vegetables and legumes recipes :)
° sandwich with salame
° beautiful mythological creatures

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